Laura Tingle


January 2

How the Hawke government became hostage to a fatal obsession

Jan 15

Defence paper will view China as more friend than foe
January 17

What brain surgeons can teach politicians about taking risk

January 2

How the Hawke government became hostage to a fatal obsession

Dec 8

Dec 10

MYEFO Budget Update: Struggling economic growth behind budget deterioration

MYEFO budget update: It’s ScoMo’s turn to play stuck in the mud

Dec 18

Tony Abbott: bringing a whole new meaning to ‘contribution to public life’

Every time Tony Abbott sticks his head up, he only gives cause for voters to reflect on the embarrassing aberration of his prime ministership.

Dec 19

The federal budget at mid-year: economy muddles on despite pollies’ best efforts

The “political square” of the Australian economy debate is a fairly clear-defined thing.Dec 21

Turnbull Government takes an industrial relations chill pill

The Productivity Commission’s report is refreshingly pragmatic – rather than rabidly ideological as the Coalition may once have anticipated – in its assessment of the state of the system.Dec 23

Off to the beach, Malcolm Turnbull’s in charge

It really has been Malcolm Turnbull’s year because he has so successfully rebooted the national conversation about politics.

Choirs get with it: short rehearsals and a stab at Beethoven’s Ninth at the weekend

Christmas means many things to many people, but for Australia’s thousands of choristers, it’s likely to mean Handel’s “Messiah” and quite a lot of Christmas carols.

Dec 29

 Jamie Briggs and Mal Brough’s departure clears reshuffle ground for Turnbull

Jamie Briggs has done himself – and a female Australian diplomat – no favours by his Hong Kong bar behaviour. But he has done a substantial favour for Malcolm Turnbull.

Dec 31

Bob Hawke targets Barack Obama, George W Bush on Middle East and Gulf War

The former prime minister has criticised Obama’s “inadequate” dealing with the Middle East as he reflects on Australia’s decision to enter the first gulf war in 199

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