Joe Hockey’s $25b iron ore budget hit

Treasurer Joe Hockey says the federal government is contemplating an iron ore price as low as $35 a tonne, as he prepares to write-off up to $25 billion more in revenue over four years.

An energy white paper full of hot air

If you are holding out for something meaningful from the federal government’s white papers on taxation and the federation, you might like to adjust your expectations on the basis of the energy white paper released this week.

Google tax to hit multinationals in budget

The government is set to target profit shifting by multinationals in the May budget using a so-called Google tax to raise revenue and wrest the political initiative back from Labor.

Being governed by fools is not funny

We finish the week with a Prime Minister who has lost his bundle and is making policy and political calls that go beyond reckless in an increasingly panicked and desperate attempt to save himself.

Leadership spill: Tony Abbott holds federal budget hostage

The fate of the federal budget – this year and next year – is now hostage to a mortally wounded prime minister whose hold on his own job is highly uncertain, who was reluctant to express confidence in the future of his ministerial team, and who cannot say what he intends to do about existing but stalled budget measures or how he will prosecute new ones.

Joe Hockey’s budget backdown

The Abbott government has abandoned the search for big May budget savings, will not meet its forecast 2018 return to surplus and is privately acknowledging collapsing revenue means it is highly unlikely to offer tax cuts at the next federal election.

Tony Abbott throws out the political chaff

It is known as chaff: the cloud of small plastic and metal objects thrown out by military aircraft and warships as a self-defence measure to distract radar-guided missiles.

Queensland election 2015: Newman victim of ‘unprecedented volatility’

The Newman Government’s electoral rout was confirmation of “unprecedented” volatility in the electorate, according to attorney-general George Brandis – but Bill Shorten disputes this view, saying it was a political system that was out of touch with voters that was responsible for the shock weekend result in Queensland.

Tony Abbott’s sick sounding rhetoric

Laura Tingle |?Just how much trouble Tony Abbott is really in as a result of his decision to bestow a knighthood on the needy figure of Prince Phillip was there for all to see at the end of a nightmare week.

John Faulkner to leave the Senate

“Thanks for that”, was a polite and innocuous phrase that came to hold a deadly menace for many public servants when it was uttered by Labor Senator John Faulkner, who announced his departure from the Senate on Thursday morning after a 25 year parliamentary career.

Abbott gets out the pooper scooper

As the Abbott government scrabbles desperately to find a footing in its political freefall, it has adopted a similar tactic on two of its most toxic budget decisions:?health and higher education.

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How the Hawke government became hostage to a fatal obsession


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