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Political Capers in Germany and Australia

The vast gulf in how elections are carried out in Germany, compared to Australia; and how both countries are dealing with the rise in nationalism, as Pauline Hanson’s One Nation polls 18 per cent ahead of likely Queensland polls.

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September 25 2017

Angela Merkel has just given an update on the election result, saying her party has a clear mandate to govern.

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September 21 2017

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September 4

Bill Shorten stands in parliament with proof of his citizenship

Labor promised chaos in Parliament but did they deliver?

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September 3 2017

Full Program Sunday September 3

Full Program Sunday September 3

Guest host Andrew Probyn interviews the Minister for Defence Industry, Christopher Pyne. On the panel: the Financial Review’s Laura Tingle, The Guardian Australia’s Lenore Taylor and Fairfax’s Mark Kenny.


August 20 2017

Full Program Sunday August 20

Chris Uhlmann interviews the Industry, Innovation and Science Minister, Arthur Sinodinos. On the panel: the Financial Review’s Laura Tingle, ABC 7.30s Andrew Probyn and Malcolm Farr from


July 23 2017

Full Program Sunday July 23

Barrie Cassidy interviews the Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten. On the panel: Financial Review’s Laura Tingle, Andrew Probyn from ABC 7.30 and The Sydney Institute’s Gerard Henderson.


May 28 2017

Sunday May 28 Full Program

Barrie Cassidy interviews the Health Minister, Greg Hunt. 


May 14 2017

Sunday May 14 Full Program

Barrie Cassidy interviews the Treasurer, Scott Morrison. On the panel: the Financial Review’s political editor Laura Tingle, The Australian’s Niki Savva and political commentator and author George Megalogenis.

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What Keeps me Awake

May 5 2017

Political journalist Laura Tingle

Author and journalist Laura Tingle says that the media has lost credibility and many of the pillars of our democracy appear fragile.

This is what keeps Laura Tingle awake.



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Quarterly Essay on ‘Great Expectations’ interview

Quarterly Essay on ‘Political Amnesia’  interview

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